Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some of my Kids' Valentines'

So here are a few of the valentine's we made for Valentine's day this year.  Joshua will also have a felt mustache attached with a glue dot over the top of his mustache so that the kids can take it off and wear it.  He is way excited about that 

Let's see this is Meghan and yes you can see her uvula.  And she thinks that is so stinkin' funny.  

 Here is Creed's.  The cute little candy robot.  He wanted to make sure they could eat all of it.
I used My Digital Studio to make each one of these Valentines and it was so easy.  Try MDS today free for 30 days.  Just visit my website for more info.  You will need to put it in your cart and check out like normal and like it says it is $0.00.  YIPPY!  You will love it!

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