Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer Prep

Are you ready for summer?  Warm weather, lemonade, sprinklers and kids saying "I'm bored".  Yikes! So not ready for that last one....until now.  I saw this adorable post on Pinterest.
So stinkin' cute.  So I went to her website.  She has a link where you can just print all the ones that she used.  So I printed them off cut them out and SNAP.  They were too big.  So I started all over.  I made me a bunch of text boxes that were 6"x 3/4"  and retyped all of them.  I also added in a few things that I wanted my kiddo's to work on.  I used the Stampin' Up! DSP Floral District 126919.  Get it now it retires the last day of May.  That is the same day my little kids will be done with school.  So here is how mine turned out.
I am still finding fun activities on Pinterest, aren't we all, so I may be adding more to mine soon.  My kids are so not going to be bored this summer.  

Happy Stampin'!

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