Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Paper Pumpkin

I did it!  I have been debating wether or not to order the My Paper Pumpkin.  I just decided to go for it. You can cancel at any time so why not try it out?  I am so glad I did.
Seriously who doesn't want craft supplies beckoning them to run away?

I didn't think to take a picture until I had already torn into it but here is the cute little sticker and welcome card.  

 Here is what came in the kit minus what we used up making the cards.  

Here are my cards.  I stuck with the one the instructions showed and a adorable one I found on Pinterest.

My 12 year old daughter, Kinsley put this kit together with me.  She is super creative.  I didn't even take a single picture of that night though.  I feel so bad.  And I would totally have snapped one this morning except my little girl is gone to her first year at girls camp.  She was so super excited and scared at the same time.  (I was feeling a bit of the same for her.)  I hope she is having fun.  Her daddy gets to join her tomorrow.  Lucky him.

Here are the cards Kinsley came up with and she didn't copy any.

She did such a cute job.

This is the starter kit so everyone receives this one first.  Check it out at and don't forget to choose me as your demonstrator or just click the link on the right.  Order your creative escape today!  You will be glad you did.

Happy stampin'!

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