Thursday, August 5, 2010

DSP Covered Pencil & Owl Punch

I covered some pencils for my kids with the new Play Date DSP. I absolutely love it. You will need paper trimmer, DSP, pencil, 5 clothes pins, Mod Podge, brush, and I use wax paper so it doesn't get on my table.
Cut your DSP (designer series paper) to 1 inch x how ever long your wood part of your pencil is. Mine was about 6 5/8 inch. Paint your paper on the wrong side with Mod Podge.

Roll the DSP around your pencil. Yea, this is hard with one do need both hands. I found it easier to keep the pencil pressed to the table and roll rather than picking it up. Make sure to tuck one end just under the other to slightly overlap. Secure your paper with clothes pins. Make sure to check them so they don't stick to the paper. Let dry 30-60 minutes.

And here you have it a super cute pencil. Don't you just love the little owl that I added to this one.

And here they are in an adorable little box I CASED from this month's Stampin' Success. Absolutely adorable and ready for school.

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  1. I'm glad you're doing tutorials now! This looks really fun and easy too! I might try it out by putting the paper on just the top two inches of the pencil so that it will still have the "wooden pencil look." Very cute.